Bayside Yankees 2016 Travel Checklist

Personal belongings 

  • Bathroom toiletries
  • Socks (long white and regular)
  • One pair of sneakers
  • Sunscreen
  • Bathing suit


  • Pack only essential clothes.  We will be on the field and in the hotel a majority of the time.  Have an extra pair of grey and white baseball pants for practice.
  • 50lb bag limit.  The first bag checked is $25 and the second is $40.
  • Turfs/old sneakers.  Most fields do not let you warm up in spikes until gametime.
  • If you forget your baseball possessions it will be difficult to play in the games.  Do not forget anything!


  • Wear your BY undershirt along with a neat pair of shorts.  Dress pants are optional.
  • All jewelry should be left home.  Hats are not to be worn during travel.
  • Arrive at LGA no later than 430am – American Airlines

Baseball Possessions

  1. All three baseball tops
  2. Both pairs of pants
  3. Both team hats
  4. Stirups and navy socks
  5. Navy belt and sunglasses
  6. Spikes and turfs or old sneakers
  7. Batting and fielding gloves
  8. Batting helmet
  9. Pine tar
  10. Jock straps and cups
  11. All team issued tee shirt


  • Breakfast is provided.  We will have team breakfasts each day together.
  • Bring money for dinner.  If we aren’t playing, we will eat the dinner/snacks at the hotel free of charge.
  • Spending money for a team movie and or Royals ballgame.

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