2015 Connie Mack World Series Daily Blog

Bayside Yankees centerfielder, Chris Davignon, a 2016 HS graduate from Minisink Valley HS in Orange County, NY and a Wake Forest University commit, with his daily blog from the 2015 Connie Mack World Series in Farmington, NM.

Connie Mack Day 1 Entry: After a long travel day to Albuquerque New Mexico, players from all over the country have pieced together the Bayside Yankees Scout Team. The team settled into the Sheraton Hotel just before a brief but informative meeting about future logistics. Everyone gathered into the conference room and said hello to all their teammates which created a loose exciting feel in the air both by the coaching staff and players who were looking forward to the week ahead. From there we went into a video shoot to thank all our generous alumni for the support they gave us this season that allowed us to play all over the country and have a great time. Coach Cuseta wisely scheduled a practice for us (6pm local time) at the University of New Mexico to get us used to the climate before the World Series began. The practice was very productive and also a lot of fun. We enjoyed getting on the field in NM and it only sparked our enthusiasm even more. It was then time for a much needed meal where the players were on their own for the night and we could choose from multiple restaurants in the area. That concluded the first day in NM and we can’t wait to see what else is in store. We know that the experience will only get better from here.

Connie Mack Day 2 Entry: Day two in NM was a very eventful one. The day began with the normal team breakfast in the lobby at 7:45am which consisted of eggs, hash browns, and sausage. Todays practice at the University of New Mexico started at 9am where the position players got their swings and the pitchers continued to prepare for their outings. After practice we returned to the hotel to pack our belongings and get ready for the ride to Farmington. Before we hit the road we had a good team lunch at a local Applebee’s to be ready for the 3 hour ride. After lunch the charter bus arrived at the hotel. We loaded our luggage and equipment, but were surprised to see another team was already on the bus. It was team EDC Escuela from Puerto Rico. The ride started off well until the team decided they wanted to stop off at McDonalds for some food which stranded us on the bus for about 45 minutes. Coach cuesta didn’t take this well and it didn’t end there. The team decided to then start singing and so did we. This went back and forth and made for a lot of laughs. We arrived at the Farmington police station where we received an escort to the civic center where we got to check in and have the tournament officially begin. At the center we received a nice meal with burgers, fruit, and desserts before meeting our host families for the week. It was a very exciting time for us to meet the people we will be staying with and got some time to talk to them. The day came to an end when we all left with our host families to spend the first night at their house. The first few hours in Farmington was a great way to be greeted into the 2015 Connie Mack World Series.

Connie Mack Day 3 Entry: Day 3 of our Connie Mack World Series trip was packed with events. It was by far our busiest day. We reported to the Parade at 9am to get ready for a 10am start and everyone was very excited. Seeing the people of Farmington line the streets was something else. They all began cheering and welcoming us to their town and tournament while we handed out Bayside Yankees merchandise. Seeing the smiles on all the kid’s faces was what it was all about. The people will definitely remember the Bayside Yankees where here. Following the parade we all went home with our host families for the afternoon and rested up for our 5:15pm game against D-Bat Elite. D-Bat was the 2014 Connie Mack Champions and we knew it was going to be a good game. We arrived at the stadium to see the fans were pilling in at 4:15pm for BP. The nerves and excitement was in all of us and the game was right around the corner. Finally our game was here and after the pregame activities we were under way. The game went back and forth and both teams where putting up runs, but the crowd and sounds of the stadium is something we will ever forget. In the end D-Bat came out on top 7-5 to grab their first win of the tournament. The game could have went either way tonight but all we could do was look forward to the next one. Day 3 was a one to remember for all of us and the World Series is just getting started.

Connie Mack Day 4 Entry:  Today was more of a relaxing day for us. We still had to get our baseball in so we had practice at 10am today. Practice went smoothly and it felt good to get more swings in. After practice our host families planned a great BBQ for all of us where we played ping pong and enjoyed the pool. There was a ton of great food including homemade salsa and chips, burgers, brownies, and cookies. It was nice to meet all the host families and bring the team together for an afternoon. Our second game is tomorrow at 12pm against Texas Frozen Ropes and we feel very good with our chances to get a win. It is a new day of baseball for the Bayside Yankees and we are ready to go. Today was a much needed day of rest to prepare to go out and play ball.

Connie Mack Day 5 Entry:Day 5 was a great day for the Bayside Yankees in Farmington NM. It started out with our key game against Texas Frozen Ropes at 12pm. We reported to the field at 10:30am for early BP and then hit the field to get loose. The fans began to make their way into the stadium just before 12pm and everyone knew the game was close. This was a win or go home situation for us and we were ready for the challenge. The game began and it was close all the way through. Early on we knew we had to play tight defense to preserve our 2-1 lead to secure the win. We were able to accomplish this and get the win and play another day. Following our game was the Connie Mack homerun derby where we saw some of the best power hitters in the country put on a show. Sitting on the field during it was a very cool experience for the entire team. We then left the stadium to go back to our host houses before a BBQ hosted by our sponsor, Sam’s Club. The BBQ was very good and they served us navajo tacos, a meal well known in NM. After eating the team got together for a whiffle ball game in the park for some fun. The evening came to an end with some cake and then some players went back to the stadium to watch the night game. I would say day 5 at the Connie Mack World Series went as planned for the Bayside Yankees.

Connie Mack Day 6 Entry: Today was another off day for us so we got to rest up and prepare for our game tomorrow. We had practice at 10am which was pretty much a long BP while the pitchers threw their bullpens. We are excited for the game against Louisiana Elite and are looking to stretch our season. The game is an early one at 10am so we will be up and ready to go. No matter what happens tomorrow this experience has been unbelievable for every player on this team. The memories will last a lifetime, but what is important right now is the next game. Practice and games this season has prepared us for this moment and now we need to go out and preform.

Connie Mack Day 7 Entry: Today ended the Bayside Yankees run in the 2015 Connie Mack World Series with a loss to the Louisiana Elite Yankees. The score of the game was 2-1. Even though we lost we put our best effort forward and gave it our all. Today marked not only the end of our tournament run but the end of the 2015 summer season. It was a very long one, but we learned a lot. We all worked hard to improve and learn the game of baseball. The Connie Mack World Series was something everyone will remember forever and the relationships made by the players and host families will last a lifetime. Between the parade and signing autographs for kids this event was more than just baseball. The city came together to enjoy America’s past time while welcoming and cheering on strangers. It was just an amazing atmosphere all week long at the stadium everywhere we walked people would look. The week was packed with fun and remarkable experiences. It is going to be upsetting leaving this great baseball town and going back to reality in a few days where we are no longer famous. We are going to take everything in that was both good and bad about this season and build from it. Baseball is a game of constant failure and adjustments and that is why few can play. The Connie Mack World Series showed us the game is still meant to be played with a smile on your face. Memories have been made at the World Series this year by all of the players and coaches on the Bayside Yankees that will be shared with others for a very long time.


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