14th Annual Columbus Classic FINAL Schedule

Updated 10/9/16 at 8:30pm

Please see below updated times and locations for the Monday schedule. 

All games will be played at Juniper Park-Oriole, Middle Village Queens NYSt. Joseph’s School for the Deaf, Bronx NY, and Victory Field, Woodhaven NY*.

*IMPORTANT:  Victory Field this is a turf field. Absolutely no spikes, cleats or seeds are allowed. Turf shoes or sneakers only.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

10/8/16SAT8:00 AMMidville DodgersLong Island Titans 2018 GoldJuniper Park-Cardinal
10/8/16SAT8:00 AMLong Island Titans 2017 New Jersey RangersJuniper Park-Oriole
10/8/16SAT8:00 AMLong Island WhalersNext Level NorthJuniper Park-Lower
10/8/16SAT10:30 AMMidville DodgersLong Island WhalersJuniper Park-Cardinal
10/8/16SAT10:30 AMYouth ServicesTeam Connecticut UnderclassJuniper Park-Oriole
10/8/16SAT10:30 AMTeam Connecticut UpperclassNew Jersey RangersJuniper Park-Lower
10/8/16SAT1:00 PMLong Island Titans 2018 GoldCapital District ChiefsJuniper Park-Cardinal
10/8/16SAT1:00 PMBayside YankeesRockland PiratesJuniper Park-Oriole
10/8/16SAT1:00 PMYouth ServicesTeam Connecticut UpperclassJuniper Park-Lower
10/8/16SAT3:30 PMRockland PiratesCapital District ChiefsJuniper Park-Cardinal
10/8/16SAT3:30 PMBayside YankeesTeam Connecticut UnderclassJuniper Park-Oriole
10/10/15SAT3:30 PMRAIN SLOTJuniper Park-Lower

ALL GAMES RAINED OUT for Sunday, October 9, 2016

10/9/16SUN10:30 AMYouth ServicesNew Jersey RangersRAINED OUT
10/9/16SUN10:30 AMNew York NineCapital District ChiefsRAINED OUT
10/9/16SUN10:30 AMNext Level NorthBayside YankeesRAINED OUT
10/9/16SUN1:00 PMLong Island WhalersNew Jersey RangersRAINED OUT
10/9/16SUN1:00 PMNew York NineLong Island Titans 2017RAINED OUT
10/9/16SUN1:00 PMNew York CrushTeam Connecticut UnderclassRAINED OUT
10/9/16SUN3:30 PMLong Island Titans 2018 GoldTeam Connecticut UpperclassRAINED OUT
10/9/16SUN3:30 PMYouth ServicesCapital DistrictRAINED OUT
10/9/16SUN3:30 PMRockland PiratesTeam Connecticut UnderclassRAINED OUT

FINAL SCHEDULE for Monday, October 10, 2016

10/10/16MON9:00 AMNew York NineLong Island WhalersVictory Field, Woodhaven NY
10/10/16MON10:00 AMLong Island Titans 2017Midville DodgersJuniper Park-Oriole
10/10/16MON 10:00 AMNext Level NorthBayside YankeesSt. Joseph’s School for the Deaf, Bronx NY
10/10/16MON11:30 PMNew York NineLong Island Titans 2018 GoldVictory Field, Woodhaven NY
10/10/16MON12:30 PMLong Island Titans 2017Team Connecticut UnderclassJuniper Park-Oriole
10/10/16MON12:30 PMNext Level NorthRockland PiratesSt. Joseph’s School for the Deaf, Bronx NY
10/10/16MON2:00 PMNew York CrushNew York NineVictory Field, Woodhaven NY


American League Rules apply. With the exception of allowing up to and including 11 hitters in your lineup. Free defensive substitution and position players can be removed to warm up to pitch later in games.

Speed up rule is in effect. Courtesy runners are allowed for both pitcher & catcher at any time, but mandatory with two outs. If all position players are playing in game, the last batted out will be the courtesy runner.

The mercy rule is in effect. 10 runs after 5 innings, 8 runs after 6 innings.

Hustle on and off the field and please show respect and sportsmanship towards your opponents, umpires and tournament officials.

Please police and clean up your dugout after each game.

4 baseballs will be provided by the tournament to the umpires for each game. After that, each team is responsible for providing any additional baseballs necessary on an equal basis. So please, help out and chase after all foul balls.

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